Our Selling Process

We believe every Seller deserves a customized, well-executed marketing plan and we are delighted to be able to provide that for you.

Listed below are the steps we implement to produce a 5-Star home sale experience. Bottom line – our goal is attract your ideal buyer because when that happens you get the highest price, the best blend of terms and a smooth sale process.

Before our First Meeting

  • Set an appointment for our first meeting
  • Mail or deliver pre-listing brochure
  • Draft an ideal buyer description
  • Build a custom buyer search to monitor any relevant home sale activity
  • Research comparable actively listed properties
  • Research comparable sales activity for past 6 months from the MLS and public records
  • Research current buyer demand for a property of this type
  • Download and review property tax information
  • Review any documents provided by Seller (survey, appraisal, etc)

Our First Meeting

  • Take a 10 minute tour of the property (longer version later for marketing)
  • Discuss “It All Starts with Trust”
  • Discuss and rank the Seller’s priorities (Timing, Preparation & Price)
  • Give Seller an overview of current market conditions
  • Discuss how today’s Buyers find the homes they purchase
  • Discuss advertising and who it is for
  • Discuss Relocation Buyers
  • Discuss International Buyers
  • Discuss the “California Cash Buyer” myth
  • Discuss our availability and work hours
  • Discuss paperwork flow and DocuSign
  • Discuss communication preferences
  • Review goals
  • Mutually decide if we are a good fit

Follow up to First Meeting

  • Follow up on any Seller questions
  • Loop the Seller in via email on the custom search competition alerts
  • Research any information gathered from the Seller that was different from what was found on public records
  • Prepare a Comparable Market Analysis (CMA)
  • Deliver CMA via email to Seller with links to the properties with photos
  • Discuss pricing and timing; possibly schedule a confidential Pre-listing Appraisal
  • Discuss showing protocol – what to expect and unavoidables
  • Map out our next steps

Getting the House Ready

  • Schedule stager
  • Provide Seller with a Curb Appeal Assessment
  • Discuss stager recommendations
  • Preparing the marketing file
  • Note any unrecorded property lines, agreements, easements of which Seller is aware
  • Prepare showing instructions for Buyers’ agents and agree on showing approach with Seller
  • Discuss any mortgage loan(s)
  • Prepare a Seller Net Proceeds Sheet (if requested)
  • Explain option for Homeowner Warranty coverage during listing period
  • Prepare MLS profile sheet
  • Draft the public remarks and provide to Seller for review and approval
  • Prepare a Special Features or Property Improvements page

Preparing for Launch Day

Interested buyers have lots of questions; many of which can be anticipated. Please do not get lazy here. Not being able to quickly email over information like the items listed below makes it look like you are unorganized and untrustworthy as a homeowner.
  • Accurate Legal description
  • Completed Seller’s Property Disclosure
  • Completed Community Association and Fee Disclosure
  • HOA bylaws, architectural controls, current budget and HOA meeting minutes from last two meetings if applicable
  • Lead-based Paint Disclosure (if built 1978 or before)
  • Copy of any property survey showing the boundary lines and structures. Have a copy of a property as-built survey ready if you have one. It may not be to your advantage to offer it up front but you definitely need to know if you have any encroachments when you list your property. Buyers often get a survey as a part of their Due Diligence and they can object to encroachments as a matter of clean title after the Due Diligence period. Encroachments can be a costly hassle right before closing.
  • Copy of Termite Bond. Have a copy of type of termite bond coverage and the dates of coverage if a bond is in place. If a bond is not in place, seriously consider doing that up front to control the cost. It will come up in the inspection.
  • Floorplans, if available
  • Detailed list of property improvements
  • Average utility usage costs from last 12 months
  • If the property is on Septic Tank, best case is to go ahead and have the tank pumped and inspected up front OR have a copy of the receipt from last time it was done if it was done recently.
  • If the property has a wood burning fireplace, have the chimney cleaned and inspected up front OR have a copy of the receipt from last time it was done.
  • Gather any transferrable warranties and maintenance contracts (i.e. structural, termite and pest exclusion). Especially for any water proofing and/or mold remediation.


  • Schedule the photographer
  • Get photos of nearby lifestyle amenities
  • Get backup “blue sky” photos of the exterior
  • Get floorplans made
  • Get aerial shots with a drone
  • Download both low res (for the MLS) and hi res (for flyer/brochure)
  • Identify the top 10 photos so we can front-load the money shots

Prepare for Showings

  • Discuss ShowingTime and how appointments work. All of our properties are listed as Appointment Only.
  • Discuss how showing feedback is gathered
  • In many cases, we will place a Supra lockbox onsite for agent access (our key holder has a yellow warning sticker not to enter without an appointment and alarm code). Our luxury listings are almost always Agent-Assisted showings with me or one of my partners present so that the alarm will be off, all lights will be on and any interior amenities can be explained.
  • Obtain two keys for showings (one for the lockbox and one as backup).
  • If property has rental units involved, get contact information for all adult tenants and establish how showings will be handled
  • Arrange for installation of yard sign (if one is to be used).

Launch Day (Typically a Thursday)

  • Verify the yard sign has been installed
  • Enter property data into FMLS and Georgia MLS
  • Upload photos and set the order – the best shots highlighting the strengths and special features are front loaded in the rotation. The goal is to “Tell Your Unique Story” quickly!
  • Proof MLS listings for accuracy and make any needed adjustments
  • Connect the listing to Showingtime for scheduling management
  • Connect the lockbox to the Supra eKey system to log any agent access
  • Add any blackout periods to ShowingTime when property is unavailable for showings
  • Upload Disclosure Forms, Legal Description, Survey and any other scanned info into Showingtime and FMLS for easy agent access
  • Create flyer and submit to printing house
  • Provide Seller with signed copy of the Listing Agreement and any addenda

Marketing The Listing – Week 1

  • Coordinate showings with owners, tenants, and other Realtors®.
  • All agents with saved searches matching your property will be automatically alerted
  • Obtain printed flyers from the print house and deliver to property
  • Post property highlight reel to MBSellsAtlanta Instagram and Facebook pages
  • Post Just Listed photo ads on KW private Facebook groups
  • Schedule Agent Caravan (if one is to be done – Seller option)

Marketing The Listing – Week 2

  • Field inquiries and coordinate showing requests
  • Weekly Review Call with Seller
  • Continually review comparable MLS listings to ensure property remains competitive
  • Confirm property was syndicated to LuxuryRealEstate.com (if price point is above $825k)
  • Mail “Just Listed” postcard or flyers to neighborhood residents
  • Provide “Special Feature” cards for anything in the house that needs explaining
  • Chase feedback from any agents who have shown the property and relay to Seller (sadly, no feedback is a form of feedback)
  • Schedule the first Open House, if desired ( Seller Option – typically done Sundays 2-4pm)
  • Make any adjustments needed to MLS listing

Marketing The Listing – Week 3+ (Review and Repeat)

  • Weekly Review Call with Seller
  • Discuss and Review the Seller’s priorities (Timing, Preparation & Price)
  • Continually review comparable MLS listings to ensure property remains competitive. Are any of our competitors going Under Contract?
  • Are we doing an Open House?
    • Post the Open House in the MLS systems
    • Verify that Open House is showing on Zillow
    • Advertise the Open House on social media and private Facebook group
  • Chase feedback and update Seller
  • Reprint/supply brochures promptly as needed
  • Discuss feedback from showing agents with Seller to determine if changes will accelerate the sale
  • Time to adjust the price?
    • Pick the next most strategic price point
    • Amendment to Listing Agreement is signed
    • Price is adjusted on both FMLS and Georgia MLS systems
    • All agents with saved searches matching your property will be contacted
    • All agents who have shown the property are contacted
    • New price is shared to MBSellsAtlanta Instagram and Facebook pages
    • New price is shared on KW private Facebook groups

The Offer and Contract

  • Receive, review and forward all offers quickly
  • Discuss offer(s) with Seller and prepare a response within the time limit if appropriate
  • A comparison spreadsheet will be provided if multiple offers are received
  • Contact Buyer’s agent to review their client’s qualifications and discuss offer
  • Contact Buyer’s lender to verify financing approval status and time needed for any contingencies
  • Negotiate all offers on Seller’s behalf, setting time limits for Due Diligence, Financing and Appraisal
  • Prepare and convey any counteroffers, acceptance, or amendments to Buyer’s agent
  • When an offer is accepted and signed by all parties with no changes, the agreement is “BINDING”
  • Make sure all parties have a copy of the final Binding Agreement
  • Email the Binding Agreement to the Closing Attorney
  • Discuss how to handle showings while property is in Due Diligence
  • Change status in MLS to “Active Under Contract” during Due Diligence and then to “Pending” once the Due Diligence period is successfully resolved.

Due Diligence / Home Inspection

  • Coordinate day and time of Buyer’s home inspections with Seller
  • Discuss inspection protocols – especially for stucco and radon testing, if applicable
  • Prepare the Seller to be gone for 3-4 hours on medium sized homes and 5-6 hours for large homes.
  • Coordinate day and time of Radon test equipment removal with Seller
  • Review the Amendment to Request Repairs with the Seller (and home inspector’s report if requested)
  • Revisit the Seller’s priorities as stated initially (Timing, Preparation & Price)
  • Recommend or assist Seller with identifying contractors to perform any agreed upon repairs

Tracking the Loan Process

  • Track Buyer’s loan approval process; the goal is Clear-to-Close
  • Respond to any lender questions promptly
  • Contact HOA if condo to expedite the Condo Questionnaire

The Appraisal

  • The Appraisal ordered by the Buyer’s Lender is not really a true estimation of value – it is a Risk Assessment for the Lender to cover the amount being loaned to the Buyer. All it has to do is come in at the Sale Price and many times they do.
  • Coordinate Appraiser onsite visit with Seller when requested
  • Prepare and Deliver a package with comparable sales, recent improvements and any multiple offer information to the Appraiser
  • Follow-Up with Buyer’s agent to see if Appraisal is back and satisfactory
  • Enter completion into transaction management program
  • Assist Seller in contesting Buyer’s appraisal report if it seems too low ( there is a very low chance of getting one adjusted). Typically, the only option for the Buyer who agrees with the appraisal’s inaccuracy it to totally change lenders…

Closing Preparation and Logistics

  • Schedule a time for closing with the Closing Attorney
  • Obtain utility supplier names and phone numbers from Seller
  • Ensure all parties have all forms and information needed to close the sale
  • Assist in solving any title problems (boundary disputes, easements, etc) or in obtaining Death Certificates
  • Work with Buyer’s agent in scheduling and conducting Buyer’s Final Walk-Thru prior to closing
  • Get final closing figures from closing attorney and provide to Seller
  • Review settlement statement for accuracy
  • Coordinate closing documents to absentee Seller (if needed)
  • Coordinate this closing with Seller’s next purchase and relay documents

Follow Up After Closing

  • Seller retaining possession after closing? Set calendar reminder to coordinate possession handoff.
  • Make sure all documents are saved in Client’s folder on our Google Drive
  • Explain free lifetime document storage for any significant property improvements
  • January reminder to file for Homestead Exemption
  • February check-in regarding any needed closing documents for income taxes.
  • Respond to any follow-up calls and provide any additional information required from office files.