Heading to a new location? Have friends or family moving in another town? Don’t leave things to chance! I can help there too.

Buying or Selling

I can connect you with a top agent most anywhere you want to go.

How it works

Referrals between agents are a very natural part of the real estate business. As your Referring Agent, my goal is to connect you with a top professional in another city who I know shares my values and service standards. It is always a relief to know my personal clients are going to be well taken care of by someone that I have vetted personally. In return, I receive a portion of that agent’s real estate commission for making the connection. In return, the receiving agent gets the benefit of a “ready to go” motivated client referred by someone they know and trust. I know I am always happy to accept referrals in the Atlanta market.

Benefit to you

You get proven talent that is accountable to both you and an experienced agent you already know. The referral triangle ensures that I can proactively ask for updates, participate in strategy discussions during negotiations and supervise the process for you. Having a third-party professional you know and trust combined with local expertise in another market gives you the best of both worlds for the same money!!

Where to start

It all starts with me and a quick conversation about the situation. The introductory contact needs to be made by me as early in the process as possible. Trust me, this is NOT going to be a waste of time. Your real estate moves are important – I want to help you have the best experience possible.

To that end, we can get tours scheduled and gather insider market information for you so you get the V.I.P. treatment.


One common temptation is do everything on your own in the information gathering stage. But once you to start using the free online search and research tools, those platforms start tracking you. Drop your information in a contact box? Boom, the spam starts. If I am doing this personally I would start with an agent just so they could make calls and run interference for me. I do not want to get pestered while I am just trying to gather information.

Viewing properties with the Listing Agent can get tricky fast… Having your own agent is basically your free pass but you need to let the seller’s agent know this during the first conversation. The further you go without having this conversation, the more you risk being represented on that house by your own agent.