It's not just your house. It's your life.

At Michael Bunch and team, we believe in making every day amazing.

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Your home is everything.

The way you work, play, and live should inspire you.
Every day.

At Michael Bunch and team, we believe a house is more than the walls around you. It’s the cornerstone for an amazing life.

Michael’s life mission is to empower you to live your best life. You can do that when you have a home that matches your lifestyle.

Although Michael has been an Atlanta area real estate agent for nearly 30 years, he started his career as a professional civil engineer. He brings that same precision and attention to detail to real estate.

Michael can steer buyers away from money pits and help sellers show off a home’s best features. As a Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist, he knows how to market high-end homes and appeal to the most discerning buyers.

Enjoy your life. Make every day amazing in your new home.

Michael Bunch guides you through an easy and stress-free real estate process.

We understand that buying or selling a home is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. We are here to support you through every step of the process and make it as easy and stress-free as possible.

We’ll help you avoid costly mistakes, find the right home for you, and get the best possible deal. So you can live your best life.

Have a fantastic experience when buying or selling your home.

Avoid costly mistakes with the help of a uniquely experienced professional.

Get the best possible outcome on your home sale or purchase.

Enjoy your life while we take care of the details.

Michael’s luxury home specialty means success for you.

Achieve your real estate goals with us.

We work hard for our clients and achieve the best results possible – every time.
Whether you are buying your first home or selling your 15th, Michael Bunch and the team are ones you can trust.

Tracy Bunch

Client Relations and COO

Tracy’s primary focus is client care and relations.

Her passion is seeking to understand all of our clients on a personal level in order to assess how our 20+ years of experience, expertise, and systems can best be used to both meet our client’s needs and mesh with their preferred communication style. That combination results in raving reviews and very happy clients!

Tracy also loves to look at houses. Her keen eye comes in very handy in previewing properties because by constantly churning the inventory, she discovers great houses for our buyer clients and makes us aware of any houses that could end up competing with one of our sellers. This consumer objectivity can be invaluable in helping our clients make offers and set List Prices.

Michael Pigford

Photographer & Drone Pilot

Michael has an eye for the best angles and lifestyle features.

We are always looking for the money shots so our client’s homes stand out from the others. Michael’s style suits our marketing approach perfectly.

Michael needs very little guidance and knows what to capture with a property for it to look its best online. Lighting and coloration have to be very appealing to the consumer’s eye and he goes to great lengths to manage those aspects so our photos are crisp and compelling.

La’Rhett Melton

Closing Coordinator

Once you are Under Contract, La’Rhett will take over the administrative logistics for your closing.

Her focus will be watching the deadlines and details while Michael and Tracy handle any additional negotiations for inspections and contingencies. One point of contact will be crucial as all the final closing and moving details are managed with the other parties involved.

When it comes to following up on the other side of the transaction, the closing time and location, reviewing the HUD-1 closing statement, and transferring utilities – La’Rhett is the go-to person! Actually, it even goes beyond that because La’Rhett will take care of making sure you have a copy of your HUD-1 closing statement come tax time.

Michelle Yackel

Home Stager

Michelle’s insight and experience can be very helpful on both sides of a home sale. She has a keen eye for appeal and space.

I know many agents feel they have a grasp of what looks best. They also tend to have stereotypical cookie-cutter solutions. We feel you get the best counsel when you have a niche professional who a) is trained on how to make homes show well AND b) sees more property transformations than even the best agents.

Michelle is valuable to our process and our clients. Not all stagers are not equally effective in their advice. For sellers, the key is to get your home looking its best with the absolute minimum effort and cost. Buyers typically want to know how to make the best use of their new space.

Make your real estate transaction amazing with the Michael Bunch team.