Firepits and Cool Weather

This photo shows two of my favorite things!! Our new Solo Stove firepit and adirondack chairs. The Solo Stove has revolutionized the smoke battles from the wind so we could move the firepit onto the patio and closer to the house.

Firepits come in many forms

This is my first firepit and I got it years ago at Costco for probably $200. The bottom is copper and is plenty durable. The base that holds that is cast iron and virtually indestructible. The spark screen and inner grate however take a beating! I have  had to work on those over the years.

It was a fine place to start and if you are just starting out, you may want to tip toe in until you get a feel for how big of a firepit fan you are.

Introducing… Magic Flames

I LOVE Magic Flames. They are such a simple pleasure. These are pouches of powder that you toss into the fire once it is burning pretty hot and it turns the flames into all kinds of colors. 

I got mine from Amazon [Here is a link ]

Sipping and Thinking

Most people have a cool weather beverage of choice. Coffee or tea in the mornings. Sparkling water during the day or evening. Perhaps even a little fireside wine or bourbon at night to contemplate some of life’s mysteries.