Split Level Renovations

Split level renovations can be tricky because there are some inherent limitations with the split-level layout. Below are a few samples of effective ways to renovate.

Split level homes generally come in two versions:

1. Garage beside the single story portion and 2. Garage under the two-story portion.  

The above photo shows the first version after enclosing the original garage and adding a new garage wing (on the left). This created a courtyard configuration and changed the entire feel of the house.

This photo shows another Version 1 with an expansion of the garage (again beside the one story portion) with additional space added above.  The result is a bit disjointed from an architectural perspective but the condition and colors still bring it to life!

This example is the second type with the garage underneath the two story portion (on the right). This may be one of the most creative split level makeover projects I have seen.  They changed the roof line and took the whole house in the “lodge” direction. So much so that many people might not even recognize the fact that this home is a split level.